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At Absolute Boilers we’re no different to anyone else. Everyone wants to find the best deal possible, whether you’re buying a car, clothes or shopping in general. That’s why we give you a guide price now so you know roughly what it should cost to change your boiler. Absolute Boilers will strive to better any genuine quote received for our competitors. All you have to do, is provide us with proof and an exact specification. Nearly all boiler warranties nowadays, insist on your new boiler being installed alongside a magnetic filter and inline descaler. These products help protect your new boiler against radiator sludge and limescale, which clog up your boilers heat exchanger and seize up any moving parts, cause breakdowns and long term problems.

“All our boiler prices include a top of the range Adey MagnaClean as standard”

All our boiler prices include a top of the range Adey MagnaClean as standard, and for combi’s an inline descaler too, so you have piece of mind that your new installation is up to current manufacturer’s standards. We also recommend that old heating systems have a power flush, these in some cases are a necessity to keep your boiler warranty valid. A power flush, with all the necessary chemicals can be added to your price for as little £300 inc VAT.

Combi for Combi replacement installations

Ideal Boiler From


inc. VAT
  • 2-7 Years Warranties
  • Supply & Fitted

Worcester Boiler From


inc. VAT
  • 2-5 Years Warranties
  • Supply & Fitted
  • worcester
  • ideal
  • baxi

*The pictures above are for representation only and may not be the model installed, please ask your representative for more details.

For Heat Only and System Boiler prices
Please contact us on 01482 240012 so we can discuss your options and arrange a site visit. Be assured that we at Absolute Boilers are flexible, we can tailor make a boiler/heating package to suit all needs from landlords to private home owners to businesses. Just give us a call, we are happy to help.

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