At Absolute Boilers we don’t just change boilers old or new we help maintain them with an annual check up. These are one of those very important thing which could prolong the life of your boiler if it was serviced every year, you wouldn’t have a car for more than 5 years with out having a service would you. Our Boiler Service start from as little as £60 inc VAT. the process is simple …… Other Services we provide are :-

  • Magna Clean Filter Installation Modern central heating systems with high efficiency boilers are clean, efficient and economical, but only if operating at peak performance. Corrosion soon impairs performance and eventually clogs the boiler and radiators. The majority of systems suffer from black iron oxide contamination. This creates thick sludge deposits that are the result of corrosion taking place within radiators and other metallic components. The oxide particles range from very large to sub-micron with the latter leeching into the system water continuously during use. Installing MagnaClean to a central heating system is simple. It comes with purpose designed valves, which allow 360° rotation. Also included is a spanner for lid removal and a custom made spanner for easy valve operation. Servicing is a two minute job. Simply remove and wash the filter’s sheath at the annual boiler service
  • Inline descalers Magnetic scale preventers are placed “in-line” on your water pipes. As the name suggests they consist of strong magnets that create a magnetic field. As water flows past the magnetic unit the microscopic crystals – that cause scale build-up – bond together. This prevents them from sticking to the sides of your pipes, boilers and kettles etc. It is important that these are installed on combi boiler installations in hard water areas, to ensure the hot water heat exchanger works at its optimum.
  • Power Flushing A dirty central heating system can increase fuel costs by as much as 35%.Over time, scale, sludge and corrosion builds-up in boilers, pipework and radiators, gradually reducing central heating system efficiency. Power flushing is essential when replacing existing boilers or installing brand new central heating systems. Power flushing ensures flux and other deposits are removed. Power flush, with all the necessary chemicals can be installed from as little as £300 inc VAT.
  • Radiator Replacement
Unbelievable Value for Money
Full Heating Systems installation. Supply and Fit. From £2500 inc VAT.
Monthly Conversion Offer
Conventional Hot Water and Heating System to Combi Conversion. Supply and Fit. From £2000^ inc VAT.

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