Terms & Conditions

Boiler location:- New boiler must be in the same location as the old boiler.

Drains, gullies, wastes:- New boilers have a condensate which must terminate in a drain, gully or waste.

Boiler position:- Must be with-in 2 metres of a drain, gully or waste.

Gas Pipe:- The gas pipe leading to the existing boiler is in 22mm Copper Pipe.

Flue Termination/Standard horizontal flue:- No opening windows, doors, guttering, fascias within 300mm of existing flue position.

  • Power Flushing based on properties with less than 10 radiators.
  • Boiler Servicing based on one appliance and includes a certificate. Does not include any extra work needed to bring the installation up to standard.
  • Full Heating Systems Installations. Subject to a site survey.
  • Conventional Hot Water and Heating System to Combi Conversion. Subject to a site survey.

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